ShadeTree Commitment to Quality Ingredients

Shade Tree lemonades are crafted with the finest organic ingredients to achieve a freshness and quality deserving of the most sophisticated lemonade palate. For nearly twenty years we have served countless thousands of glasses of lemonade at music festivals around the country. And with each glass served our formula has evolved over time to incorporate a perfect balance of tart and sweet that is the cornerstone of our refreshing flavor.

Implementing a low-calorie organic Stevia/Erythritol blend to keep our sugar values at a healthy minimum, we use 100% organic lemon juice concentrate, perfectly aligned with organic flavors and organic cane sugar, to ensure a wholesome taste of classic lemonade that both cautious moms and heedful connoisseurs are sure to embrace.

So bring on the sun and fun and pack your favorite Shade Tree original and strawberry organic lemonades in the cooler for a refreshing summer you will always remember.

Life is Yours ~ Squeeze It!